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Scenario Chess Development Status for version 1.05

Version 1.05 has not yet been released to the public in either demo or full forms. This version will have the following new features:

4 New Campaigns and 21 New Levels Finished!
10 Tutorial Levels 0%
Save/Load Game Finished!
Popup Threats (Option) Finished!
Drag & Drop Piece (Option) Finished!
Show Last Move (Option) Finished!
New Switches (Lever, Touch, and Hold) 75%
Unplaceable Squares 99%
Kill Squares 95%
Gates Finished!
Turn-Bridges Finished!
Warps 90%
Boats 0%
Defeated Army turns to Stone 99%
Defeated Army turns to Corpses 99%
Better Minimap 90%
Save/Watch Replays 0%
Level Editor 5%
Spanish and Russian Language 1%
Variety of AI 50%
Integrate code with Steamworks SDK 5%
Overall Readiness 67.0%

Scenario Chess versions 1.04 and 1.04d

SC 1.04 is being superseded. Version 1.04d is still available a free demo.

2 New Campaigns and 19 New Levels Finished!
Fences Finished!
New Main Menu Art Finished!
New Movement Engine Finished!
Profiles that Remember Settings Finished!
Shadows that Overlap Properly Finished!

Scenario Chess versions 1.03 and 1.03d

6 Campaigns and 38 Levels Finished!
Offensive and Defensive AI Finished!
Variable Pawn Directions Finished!
Pawn Promotions Anywhere Finished!
Variable Pawn Promotions Finished!
Drawbridges and Switches Finished!
Undo Button with Infinite Undos Finished!
Vanish Army when Defeated Finished!
Ally Army when Defeated Finished!
Rain, Snow, Clouds, Night Finished!

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