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Scenario Chess Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Scenario Chess an RPG-type game?

No, it's just custom chess on real-world terrain. There's no leveling up, no collecting gold or side-quests or talking to NPCs.

How many levels are there?

78 levels within 12 campaigns. They start out easy and eventually become very challenging! There will also be ten tutorial levels.

Pawns should only move up or down! Why are they moving differently?

Scenario Chess allows multiple pawn directions so that an army can move anywhere on the map. Typically, pawns can take 2 steps in any orthogonal direction, but can only attack in diagonal directions (with a range of 1, of course).

In some levels, pawns move the same way as in original chess. In most levels, however, pawns can move in four directions.

Are there any other new rules?

Yes, there are plenty, but keep in mind different levels will have different rules enabled. See the Scenario Chess Special Rules for more.

What are the differences between the demo and full versions?

The demo version only has one campaign enabled, while the full version has all eight.

Both versions can be kept as long as you want. There's no trial period. Once you get it, you can play it as much as you want forever. There are no limited lives either, nor are there limited undos. No advertisements and no in-app purchases either! Not even in the demo!

This is a beta? Is it really buggy?

This is no longer a beta! We've thoroughly tested this game on Windows® 7 and 8.1 and found no bugs. The demo version is virtually the same program with only most campaigns removed.

Is there a level editor or online multi-player?

Not yet. Version 1.05 will have a level editor. Multi-player will not be implemented until version 1.06 or 1.07. See our SC Dev Status page to follow our progress as we move closer to release on Steam®.

Will there be support for other operating systems?

In future versions, yes. We plan to support Mac® and Linux.

Something's not right / I can't get the game to run properly.

Please ensure you have DirectX 10 or later installed. This does not necessarily come with Windows® 8! But it's a free download from Microsoft.

Another possibility is missing or corrupted music files. Go to the music folder (this is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Scenario Chess\Music) and double-click OggDecMusic.bat. This will decompress the music again. Please wait for it to finish at 100%, which should take a minute or less.

If you still have trouble, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game, or contact us for support.

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